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Lincoln Booster Club Merch is a partner of the Booster Club. Every dollar we make is reinvested into the students, staff, team sports, clubs, and our award-winning college prep high school.

Giving Back

Every dollar we make on our merchandise goes back to making Lincoln a high performing school in Kansas City.

Award Winning

We want to ensure Lincoln continues to be an award winning community inside and outside the classroom. Lincoln Merch is on a mission to support this cause.

Environment Friendy

Lincoln sources most of our products locally it ensure it is only made with the best earth-friendly materials.

Direct Shipping

We ship fast and direct to any address in the world. Free shipping on orders of $35+

Join the Lincoln Booster Club!

We are always looking for volunteers to help Lincoln Boosters and Merch thrive. The people who are behind the scenes are what make Lincoln a special place. Please consider joining the team.

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Our Amazing Team

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Melissa Peterson

Creative Head

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Nicolas Anderson

Marketing Director

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Annette Ferintor

Brand Designer

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Every purchase goes to support the teams, clubs, students, and staff of Lincoln, for building a world class educational legacy in Kansas City, and beyond. Thanks for your support!

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